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  • About Us

    Society For Insight

    The Society for Insight (SFI) is a non-profit organisation and was registered under the Society's Act of Singapore on 16th February 1999. (Registration: ROS216.97 CAS) 

    The objective of SFI is to present Prem Rawat message of peace to those in the local community who wish to listen to it. The Society also organises, holds meetings, lectures, seminars, conferences and conventions and participates in those held by other non-profit organisations with similar objectives. 

    Assisting people, regardless of the race, religion, nationality, gender or social standing, to realise their natural potential for moral development, well being, peace and a healthy life. 

    It promotes and present the public concerning the advancement of the human spirit and the individual and cultural well being of its members and the society through self awareness or insight about the Peace inside of us.

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